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5 Top Tips For Sleeping Better: Mattress Mick

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Mattress Mick's 5 Top Tips For Sleeping Better

How you feel during the day is directly related to how you sleep at night. A bad sleep results in difficulty focusing on day-to-day tasks, lack of productivity, restlessness, fatigue and numerous other down side effects. On the other hand, getting a good nights sleep comes with waking up feeling refreshed, productive, and a happier throughout your waking hours. To get you started on getting a better nights sleep, you can follow Mattress Mick’s 5 Tips for sleeping better.


1.Keep A Healthy Sleep Schedule

A regular sleep schedule is one of the most important tips for sleeping better - It is important that you keep a regular sleep schedule, one where your going to sleep and waking up hours are the same. With a regular sleep schedule – set times, and set durations - you will strengthen your bodies sleep wake cycle. On the contrary, sleeping between different times, even for the same amount of hours, will have a negative effect on your internal body clock. So it is best to keep a consistent schedule. Be wary of the following most likely periods you will feel sleepy:

Napping – Naps during the day are a great way to give your body an instant boost. However, napping too long can have the opposite effect.

Avoid weekend sleep-ins – After a long week, it is tempting to lye in all weekend. You should try and avoid this as it can put your sleep wake cycle out of sorts which will make it even harder to get back on track for the week days.

Beat after dinner drowsiness – Sometimes after dinner, your body will experience a slump in energy, making you feel like taking a nap. When this happens, try to do something stimulating like doing light exercise, read a book, or call a friend. Do not give in as this will most defiantly come back during the night and keep you awake.


2.Watch Food And Drink Intake Before Bed

The quality of your sleep is often directly relatable to your food and drink intake during your waking hours. The most obvious being: if you drink too much liquid just before your sleeping schedule, it is likely your sleep will be disrupted to go to the toilet. Or if you are hungry going to bed, it can make getting to sleep very difficult. Other things to try and avoid before sleep:

Caffeine - Stimulates the body making it difficult to sleep for hours after 

Nicotine - Another stimulant to avoid before sleep

 Alcohol - Though alcohol can make you tired and help you get to sleep, it can also effect your waking hours.

3.Have A Regular Bedtime Routine

Smoothening the transition between your waking hours and going to sleep can make going to sleep much easier. Pick a relaxing activity, such as reading, listing to calm music, or mediating, and do it for at least 15 minutes before you sleep every night. This will help your body adjust to sleeping mode. Contrarily, it is best to steer clear of screens; mobile phones, television, gaming devices, as these interfere with your sleep quality.

4.Sleep On A Comfortable Mattress

One of the most important parts of getting good nights sleep is to no doubt sleep on a comfortable mattress that is right for you. A good mattress can give your body the support it needs to alleviate stress and pain, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and energised to start the day. On the other hand, an old or low quality mattress can reduce the quality of your sleep. If you need a new mattress to improve your quality of sleep, see Mattress Mick’s ‘The Ultimate Mattress Buying Guide’ to help you find the right mattress for you.

5. Exercise To Improve Sleep Quality

A good exercise routine can work wonders for your sleeping quality. It helps your physical and mental well-being, promoting good physical health, reducing stress, resulting in an all round better sleep. The more intensely you exercise, the better it is for you, though as little as 10-minutes a day can make a vigorous difference to your quality of sleep. Also, keep in mind that it can take a few months of exercising for your body to reap the full rewards of better quality sleep, so keep it up.


At The End of The Day

There are various reasons as to why a person may find it difficult to sleep, from work related stress, anxiety, to insomnia etc. Regardless of what it may be, you can get on your way to a better sleep by following the above tips for sleeping better.

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