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Luxury Corona Home Furniture Range

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The word Corona has become a household name these days, with everyone around the world having a discussion about it - in their living and dining room. However, do not be afraid. This Corona has nothing to do with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) that is wreaking havoc around the world. Instead, this Corona is a luxury home furniture range that provides your living and dining room with a wide range of elegant and beautiful looking furniture pieces. 

Let us get into more detail and discuss some of the finest looking Corona furniture range for your home. 

  1. Corona Dining Set White

The Corona Dining Set White is a wooden piece of furniture that is designed to fit any kitchen and home décor. It comes with a dining table and four chairs so that you can have dinner together with your family. The dining set comes with a strong design that makes it attractive and sturdy. It is a finished product that is built with high-quality durable material. 


Table: Diameter W 152cm x D 92cm x H 75.5cm

Chair: W 42.5cm x D 47cm x H 107cm 

  1. Corona Wardrobe Cream

The Corona Wardrobe comes with an extensive and excellent range of furniture that will look great in any type of bedroom - big or small. Made from high-quality durable material, the Corona Wardrobe Cream offers excellent value for money. It is easy to clean and has been crafted carefully while giving attention to detail. The product is also available in different colours including White. Therefore, you can choose the one that better suits the colour of your bedroom. 


Size: 101cm x 188cm x 56cm 

  1. Corona Tall Bookcase

Are you a book lover? Do you have a wide collection of books with you? If yes, this Corona Tall Bookcase is an excellent piece of furniture that has an ample amount of space to store all of your books. There are 5 cabins wherein you can keep your books and get easy access as and when needed. Made from high-quality material, it will look great in any room such as your bedroom or living room. 

Size: W 81cm x D 44cm x H 182cm

  1. Corona 6 Drawer Chest White

The Corona 6 Drawer Chest White comes with a sleek design that will uplift the décor of any bedroom. It offers a lot of storage space and table space, which can be utilized to keep your laptops, chargers, mobile phones, tablets, and other essentials. Available in different colours such as white, grey, and cream, you can buy the one that matches the décor of your bedroom. 

Size: 133.5cm x 49cm x 106cm

  1. Corona Bed High Foot End

The Corona Bed High Foot End is made from wooden material which  is extremely durable. To offer extra strength there are double bolts in the corners. With fine finish and elegant look, it uplifts the décor of any bedroom.

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