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Mattress Mick and Paul Kelly Nominated for IRARA Award

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It’s going to be spray tans and the red carpet for Mattress Mick and Paul Kelly. They have done it again! This time their viral video ‘The Wizard of Beds’ has been nominated for ‘Best Viral Video of The Year’ at the International Runway Achievers and Recognition Awards Ceremony (I.R.A.R.A’s), which takes place at the at the Hilton Hotel, Dublin 17, on March 24th at 4pm.

The video up for nomination, ‘The Wizard of Beds’, directed by Paul Kelly, and starring Mattress Mick, and Mickeala Murphy is a comedic re-enactment of the Wizard of Oz movie, and was shot as an advert promoting the January sales – The video had over 30000 views on Facebook within two days of being launched. Soon later, Paul Kelly was contacted by the team at the IRARA awards to let him know that 100s of people had nominated the ‘Wizard of Beds’ for ‘Viral Video of The Year Award.

And it’s no surprise for this to happen as the video certainly lives up to the Mattress Mick craziness. The video begins with a girl dressed as Doherty falling asleep on a mattress. She dreams of looking out her bedroom window while her house spins in a wicked storm. Mattress Mick flies past the window as an astronaut. The house crashes to the ground. A random dog appears to her and she says ‘Oh Gizmo, where will we sleep tonight?’ she claps her feet repeating ‘there’s no place like Mick’s, there’s no place like Mick’s. After that, she wakes up in Mattress Mick’s warehouse on a Miami Mattress, where Mattress Mick comes and introduces himself for a second. Afterwards, it goes back to the Wizard of Oz and the yellow brick road. Mattress Mick, the girl, and a guy wearing tinfoil, painted in silver sing ‘we’re off to Mattress Mick’s, the wonderful Mattress Mick’s, because, because, because, because, the wonderful Mattress Mick…

The International Runway Achievers and Recognition Awards (I.R.A.R.A) are a set of carefully selected awards given annually to recognise excellence to all those nominated in entertainment, fashion, community, & beauty in Dublin, all of Ireland and Internationally. Each category winner is presented with an IRARA trophy award.

Make sure to go and vote for Mattress Mick at IRARA 

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