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Innergy 1600 Latex Mattresse


The  1600 Latex Mattress in the Innergy Range combines our unique In-House Manufactured Pocket Spring Interior with layers of Natural Latex for the ultimate sleep set.

Pocket Spring Interior
Our In-House Pocket Spring Unit has 1600 Nested Springs in a standard Mattress. This unique Spring Interior supports the Body in the right position night after night.

5cm Quality Irish Extended Life Reflex Foam
Provides long-lasting firmness and support

5cm Natural Latex
Latex is Naturally Hypo-Allergenic, Anti-Microbial and Dust Mite Resistant

Soya-Bamboo Soft-Knit Mattress Cover
The mattress is finished in a soft ‘to the touch’ ticking for luxurious comfort, featuring a Bamboo Finish for a Natural & Hygienic feel.

Easy Care No-Turn Mattress
No need to flip your Mattress, just rotate regularly.