Richmond 1000 Pocket Spring Mattress - Available at Mattress Mick's

Richmond Mattress | Double | 4ft6

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1000 pocket spring mattress

A 1000 pocket spring mattress with soft touch mattress. This mattress is medium to firm.

Additional Information

Manufacturer: A & J
Mattress Depth: 11 inches
Turnable Mattress: Yes
Firmness: Medium-Firm 6/10


Ask a Question
  • Hi guys, what is your firmest mattress. I’d like to buy a single mattress that is as firm as you have. I bought a mattress off you last year and it’s not as firm as I would have liked and my back is sore in the mornings. I should have contacted you sooner. Do you even have a topper? Thanks for you help :)

    I the firmest mattress would be the Miami mattress.

    We do not do toppers