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The Classic Touch Mattress | Double | 4ft6

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Classic Touch Mattress 

Mattress size 135 cm x 190 cm 

The Classic Touch Mattress is perfect for a rental accommodation, b&b, or a guest room.


The Classic Touch Mattress is built to provide optimal support to all points of the sleeper’s body. For parents, this is always the first mattress we suggest for children as it offers great support for a child’s developing body.


The mattress surface comes with a soft knit feel fabric for extra comfort.


Mattress Depth: 8inches
Double Sided: Yes
Firmness: 6/10
13g Bonnell Unit
Soft Knit & Soft Feel Damask Fabric
Additional Fillings for Extra Comfort

Delivery: within a week
Manufacturer: GE


Ask a Question
  • Will you take an old mattress away on delivery on the new one ?

    Hi Louisa,

    Thank you for your email.

    Yes we can take away an old bed/mattress for a fee of €25 each.

    Our delivery charge is €20 for Dublin & surrounding areas.

    Delivery & removal total €45

    Kind Regards