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Mattress Buying Guide

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Mattress Buying Guide from Mattress Mick's


A good quality mattress plays an essential role in keeping healthy and getting a good nights sleep. Whereas, a bad mattress can result in low quality sleep, and in the long run lead to back pain, stiff joints, and a weakened immune system. The average person spends a third of their life in bed. So a good mattress is a wise investment. Our mattress buying guide will help you choose the right mattress for you.


Mattress Types

There are many types of mattresses you can get. We suggest the following: Pocket sprung mattress, memory foam mattress, sprung memory foam mattress, and orthopaedic mattress.


Pocket Sprung Mattress

Pocket sprung mattresses are designed for supreme comfort and are ideal if you like a soft or medium mattress with a bit of bounce. They are configured with up to 3,000 individual small springs, each housed in fabric. The pocket springs work independently of each other to adjust to the contours of your body allowing for optimal support. Furthermore, the pocket springs reduce the ripple effect when another person moves in the bed.

We recommend the 'Hilton 2000'

Hilton 2000 Pocket Sprung Mattress

- See our range of 'Pocket Sprung Mattresses'


Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses have a medium to firm base and are popular with people suffering from back pain. When you sit on them, they do not sink or bulge beyond the top most layer. The mattresses are made with Visco Elastic Foam, which softens and moulds to your body, giving maximum support, eliminating pressure build up. Once you remove your weight, the mattress springs back to its original shape.

We recommend the 'Memory Care Mattress'

Memory Care Mattress

- See our range of 'Memory Foam Mattresses'


Sprung Memory Foam Mattress

A sprung memory foam mattress is a hybrid between a pocket sprung mattress and a memory foam mattress. They are built with quality memory foam layered on top of pocket springs. These mattresses give you the best of both worlds and are a good compromise between the support and motion isolation of a memory foam mattress and the responsiveness of a pocket sprung mattress. As an extra benefit, you do not need to turn the mattress.

We recommend the 'Valencia Mattress'

Valencia Mattress

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Orthopaedic Mattress

Orthopaedic mattresses are designed to benefit the entire. They give full body support, which helps to alleviate aches and pains associated with sleep, so the owner wakes feeling refreshed - they are a great mattress for a bad back. An orthopaedic mattress comes with a spring gauge of 12.5 – The firmest spring used in mattresses. The

We recommend the 'Miami Mattress'

Miami Mattress

- See our range of 'Orthopaedic Mattresses' or learn the benefits of orthopaedic mattresses


Mattress Size

Choosing the right size is an important consideration when buying a mattress. For a comfortable sleep, you need enough space to move around unobstructed. Couples, in particular, should take their individual sizes into consideration when choosing a mattress that is comfortable and spacious enough to move around. The table below outlines the different mattress sizes available.


Mattress sizes are: single, small double, double, king size, and super king size


Mattress Size



3ft by 6ft 3in

Small Double

4ft by 6ft 3in 


4ft 6in by 6ft 3in

King Size

5ft by 6ft 6in

Super King

6ft by 6ft 6in


For more help with choosing the right mattress for you, please call into any of our stores: Store Locations or call us at 01 670 9053

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