• Sports Therapy Blu Cool Memory Foam Mattress
    Dean Foran May 12, 2017

    Sports Therapy Blu Cool Memory Foam Mattress

    Active Life Sports Therapy Memory Mattress Sports Therapy Mattresses are precision designed for those who are very active or caring for their health. Inside every sports therapy mattress, multiple levels of foam with castellated comfort cells, allow for optimal ventilation, airflow, and coolness. This in turn works to promote therapeutic sleep, relieve sports pains and aches, and ease the pressure points of your body. Here is a closer look at...


  • The Best Hotel Bed: The Hilton 2000 Mattress
    Dean Foran Apr 10, 2017

    The Best Hotel Bed: The Hilton 2000 Mattress

    The Best Hotel Bed: The 'Hilton 2000 Mattress' If you are looking for a good value mattress that will give your guests an ultimate level of comfort during their stay, the Hilton 2000 is exactly the mattress you need – Unparalleled in our opinion, it is the best hotel bed mattress with an exceptional level of comfort for value. It is designed for the best in support, comfort, and durability....


  • 5 Top Tips For Sleeping Better: Mattress Mick
    Dean Foran Apr 10, 2017

    5 Top Tips For Sleeping Better: Mattress Mick

    How you feel during the day is directly related to how you sleep at night. A bad sleep results in difficulty focusing on day-to-day tasks, lack of productivity, restlessness, fatigue and numerous other down side effects. On the other hand, getting a good nights sleep comes with waking up feeling refreshed, productive, and a happier throughout your waking hours. To get you started on getting a better nights sleep, you...


  • Mattress Buying Guide
    Dean Foran Jan 20, 2017

    Mattress Buying Guide

      A good quality mattress plays an essential role in keeping healthy and getting a good nights sleep. Whereas, a bad mattress can result in low quality sleep, and in the long run lead to back pain, stiff joints, and a weakened immune system. The average person spends a third of their life in bed. So a good mattress is a wise investment. Our mattress buying guide will help you...


  • Michael Fylnn Mar 27, 2015

    Mattress Mick

    Hello, my name is Michael Flynn, or better known these days as Mattress Mick. Through no fault of my own I have become a TV and Internet sensation due to a few innovative promotional videos I made, and my relentless campaign to promote Irish furniture and mattresses. Recently I visited London to compare prices and prices, See Video I am over 35 years in the furniture business, and very few...