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A humble piece of bedroom furniture with remarkable versatility, a chest of drawers is known as a dresser or a bureau that brings both functionality and style to any room. Whether you are looking for a design that merges seamlessly with your existing décor or seeking to make a bold statement, a carefully selected chest of drawers can transform your space.

Style Any Space with our Chest of Drawers

A chest of drawers is more than just a storage solution. It's a chance to enhance your room's aesthetic, adding a touch of your personality to the room. Whether your preference is a monochrome white chest of drawers for a sleek, modern look, or a colourful piece that brings a vibrant energy to the room, there's a style to suit every taste.

At Mattress Mick, we feature our extensive range of chest of drawers that caters to various space requirements and design preferences, from wide and low models that sit seamlessly in your hallway, to tall and narrow designs that add character to a small nook in your living room. Available in a selection of materials, there's a perfect dresser to match your wardrobe and every other piece in your collection.

How to Organise the Chest of Drawers? 

Effective organisation is key to making the most of your chest of drawers. Depending on your storage needs, chests come with anywhere from two to ten drawers. A modular design offers the flexibility of adding as many drawers as needed, adapting to your changing storage requirements. 

To keep the contents of your drawers tidy and accessible, consider using boxes or dividers to create dedicated spaces for each type of item. The size of the drawers is also an essential factor. Some chests come with a combination of small and large drawers, allowing you to organise your belongings effectively. For instance, makeup could be stored in a larger drawer, while smaller items like earrings find a home in a smaller compartment. For more inspiration on how to keep your drawers more organised and stylish, please read our article on styling your chest of drawers.

How to Find the Right Size of Chest of Drawers for Your Bedroom? 

Selecting the right size of the chest of drawers for your bedroom requires thoughtful planning. Start by measuring the available space in your bedroom to determine the height, width, and depth it can accommodate.

Chests of drawers come in various sizes. A tall, slim chest could be the perfect fit for a smaller room, while a larger room could accommodate a wider chest. An optimal width for a chest of drawers generally ranges between 90-130 cm or 35.5-51 inches, with models wider than 200 cm or 80 inches suitable only for very spacious bedrooms.

In addition to spatial considerations, think about your storage needs. Choose a chest of drawers with the appropriate number of drawers based on how much storage you require. A standard chest typically has between 3 and 6 drawers, but you can always pair it with another piece of furniture for extra storage. By choosing the right design and size, and by organising it effectively, you can truly make this versatile piece your own.

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