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Guest Beds - Find the Perfect Option for Your Guests

Ever had that moment when you wished you had more sleeping space for visitors? Worry no more! Go for the guest beds. These fantastic inventions may first appear as regular sofas, but with a quick lift of the cushions, presto - you have an additional sleeping spot! What makes our guest beds particularly noteworthy is their extendable design. You can effortlessly create room for two when necessary, making them a versatile solution for hosting overnight guests.

Explore a Wide Range of Guest Beds with Mattresses

To cater to your individual taste, we offer a vast assortment of guest beds, inclusive of various mattresses. One standout example is our day bed, the perfect union of comfort and personal style. At its heart lies the pocket sprung mattresses, providing support precisely where you need it. The timeless, uncomplicated design of the robust metal frame allows customization to your liking. Adorn it with your selection of cushions, throws, and bed linen to create a space of relaxation and cosy serenity.

Convenient and Space-Saving Pull Out Guest Bed Solutions

Our guest bed range also features an impressive collection of space-saving pull-out beds. These folding beds are fantastic options when you're limited in space but want to ensure your visitors enjoy a restful night. They offer all the conveniences of a typical bed but can be quickly stowed away after use. Furthermore, our beds incorporate storage compartments - a brilliant solution for those spare pillows, padding, and upholstery you might need for extra guests.

Temporary Beds for Guests - Comfort and Flexibility Combined

Understanding that your needs may change, we ensure our guest beds offer both comfort and flexibility. From sofa beds to day beds, our variety caters to every need and style. Whether it's a cosy sleeping fantasy for your guest or a plush seating option for your Irish coffee sessions, our beds provide a multitude of options. Plus, you can swiftly transform the setting based on your visitors' needs, maximizing the comfort and convenience of your temporary sleeping arrangements.

Upgrade Your Guest Bed with a Comfortable Mattress

The charm of a guest bed is not complete without a soft mattress. We offer a variety of bedding options, from spring mattresses to cushion pads, ensuring your guests experience deep, serene slumber. These sleep supports, coupled with our sturdy guest beds, form an unbeatable combo for an inviting guest space.

Whether you're in the Republic of Ireland or anywhere across the Emerald Isle, the Mattress Mick Store is your one-stop destination for guest beds and sleep solutions. We promise to deliver convenience, comfort, style, and customization to your doorstep. Don't compromise on your visitors' sleep. Choose the best from our wide range of guest beds and bedding options and let your guests enjoy sweet dreams.

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