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Hilton 2000 Pocket Sprung Mattresses

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The Best Hotel Mattress: The 'Hilton 2000 Mattress'

If you are looking for a good value mattress that will give your guests an ultimate level of comfort during their stay, the Hilton 2000 is exactly the mattress you need – Unparalleled in our opinion, it is the best hotel mattress with an exceptional level of comfort for value. It is designed for the best in support, comfort, and durability.


The best hotel mattress in our pocket sprung mattress range, the Hilton 2000 is built with 2000 pocket springs encased in fabric, which allow the mattress to shape in alliance with the contours of your body bringing you optimal support. As well, being a pocket sprung mattress, the Hilton 2000 is especially convenient for couples sharing a bed, as the individual pocket springs work independently of each other allowing each sleeper to move around without causing disruption to the other sleeper.


A 10cm layer of foam, topped off with a soft silk filling, covers the fabric springs to give the maximum level of comfort. As well, there is a vent in the middle of the mattress that allows for air circulation improving to make the mattress more breathable while also reducing sweating giving you a cool nights sleep. More so, the mattress is also suitable for guests with asthma or other allergies, because of its hypoallergenic materials.

The mattress is available in Single, Small Double, Double, King and Super King size.

Choose from the menu above the size you want.


Single 90 cm x 190 cm. 

Small Double 120 cm x 190 cm 

Double 135 cm x 190 cm 

King 150 cm x 200 cm 

Super King 180 cm x 200 cm


The Hilton 2000 is built for long lasting durability, with full foam encapsulation and quality materials used for every part of the mattresses.

Mattress Depth: 25cm