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Palma Bed with Pull Out Drawer


The Palma Bed with Pull Out Drawer is a functional and stylish solution for maximizing storage space in your bedroom. This bed features a convenient pull-out drawer built seamlessly into its design, providing ample room for storing extra bedding, clothing, or any other belongings you want to keep close at hand. The pull-out drawer operates smoothly and effortlessly, allowing for easy access to your stored items. The Palma Bed's sleek and contemporary design adds a touch of modern sophistication to any bedroom decor. Its sturdy frame and high-quality construction ensure long-lasting durability and support. The bed itself offers a comfortable sleeping surface, while the pull-out drawer adds a practical and space-saving element. Whether you have a small bedroom or simply want to optimize your storage options, the Palma Bed with Pull Out Drawer is a versatile choice that combines functionality with stylish design.


  • Dimensions: 150 x 217 x 154cm  , 165 x 225 x 154cm
  • Primary Colour: Grey
  • Product Material: Fabric
  • Product Type: Bed
  • Size: 4'6 & 5'0
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