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Double Beds (4' 6")

We have a large range of wooden, metal, divan double beds, and full size beds with storage whether your looking for a cheap double bed or something more prestige, we have it at Mattress Mick's

Hilton 2000 Divan Bed

Hilton 2000 Divan Bed

€37900 €44900
Master Memory Divan Bed

Master Memory Divan Bed

Prado leather bed

Prado Bed

€11900 €12900
Pine King Divan Bed with Semi Orthopaedic Sprung Mattress

Pine King Divan Bed

€20900 €24900
Arabella Bed - Mattress Mick

Arabella Bed

Pine Wooden Bed in Dublin

Rio Bed

Pine Strained Wooden Single Bed in Dublin

Carlow Bed

€14900 €17900
Arlington Metal Bed

Arlington Metal Bed

Chester Divan Bed - Semi Orthopedic Sprung Mattress - at Mattress Mick

Chester Divan Bed

€24900 €27900
Dunbar Bed

Dunbar Bed

€16900 €17900
solid wooden pine bed

Jude Bed

Pickwick Pine 3ft Bed - at Mattress Mick

Pickwick Bed

€15900 €17900
Sol Bed - Mattress Mick

Sol Bed

Amelia Oak Bed Frame

Amelia Bed

Celia Bed

Celia Bed

Crystal Divan - A Semi Orthopaedic Sprung Mattress

Crystal Divan Bed

Harmony White Wooden Bed at Mattress Mick's

Harmony Bed

Katrina Bed

Katrina Bed

Kelly Bed

Kelly Bed

Solid Pine Monaco High Foot End Bed

Monaco Bed High Foot End



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