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Single Beds (3')

We recommend single beds for one adult or one child. At Mattress Mick's, we have a wide range of comfortable single, and children's beds, in a variety of colours and materials.

Van Winkle Divan Bed

Van Winkle Divan Bed

€17900 €22900
Classic Touch Divan Bed

The Classic Touch Divan Bed

Master Memory Divan Bed

Master Memory Divan Bed

Prado leather bed

Prado Bed

€11900 €12900
Verona Bed Base Available at Mattress Mick

Verona Bed Base

Pine King Divan Bed with Semi Orthopaedic Sprung Mattress

Pine King Divan Bed

€20900 €24900
Solid Wooden Beach Bed

Carla Bed

Arabella Bed - Mattress Mick

Arabella Bed

Pine Wooden Bed in Dublin

Rio Bed

Pine Strained Wooden Single Bed in Dublin

Carlow Bed

€14900 €17900
Chester Divan Bed - Semi Orthopedic Sprung Mattress - at Mattress Mick

Chester Divan Bed

€24900 €27900
Calitlin Single Bed - Mattress Mick

Calitlin Single Bed

Keswick Bed

Keswick Bed

Seattle Black Faux Leather Bed - Mattress Mick

Seattle Black Faux Leather Bed

€24900 €29900
Slocum Bedstead White Wooden Bed - Mattress Mick

Slocum Bed

Sol Bed - Mattress Mick

Sol Bed

White Wooden Single Bed

The Jordan Bed White

Cosisoft Divan orthopaedic mattress and matching divan base


ELITE Divan Bed

ELITE Divan Bed

Amelia Oak Bed Frame

Amelia Bed



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