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Super King Beds (6')

Super King Beds are the ultimate option for maximum sleeping space for those who like to move around or heavier couples. We have a large range of premium superking beds in divan and wooden bases to compliment your decor, so Mattress Mick's is the place to shop for a super king size bed.

Vancouver Mink Bedstead

Vancouver Mink Bedstead

Balmain TV Beds Available In Three Sizes - Mattress Mick

Balmain TV Bed

Chandler wooden storage bed

Chandler Wood Bed

Dakar PU Bedstead - Black Leather Bed - Mattress Mick

Dakar PU Bedstead

white faux leather bed

Denver Faux Leather Bed

€52900 €55900
Epsilon In Mink - Mattress Mick

Epsilon Mink Bed

Faux Leather Bed

Orlando Faux Leather Bed

Panache Divan Bed - Orthopaedic mattress - Mattress Mick

Panache Divan Bed

Reflect Visco Divan Bed - Orthopaedic Mattress With Memory Foam -Mattress Mick

Reflect Visco Divan Bed

black faux leather bed

Rochester Faux Leather Bed

Rockford Fabric Bed - Mattress Mick

Rockford Fabric Bed

Vancouver  in Plush Silver Velvet

Vancouver in Plush Silver Velvet

Vancouver Bed in Black

Vancouver Bed in Black

Special  Memory Divan - Mattress Mick

Special Memory Divan Bed

Natural Touch Divan

Natural Touch Divan Bed

Pocket Plus Memory Divan - Pocket sprung memory foam hybrid

Pocket Plus Memory Divan Bed

€54900 €56900
Back care divan bed

Back Care Divan G/E

Pocket Sprung SPINAL PEDIC ELEGANCE Divan  Bed

Spinal Pedic Elegance Divan

Memory and pocket sprung Divan

Visco Pocket Divan



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