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Super King Beds (6')

Super King Beds are the ultimate option for maximum sleeping space for those who like to move around or heavier couples. We have a large range of premium superking beds in divan and wooden bases to compliment your decor, so Mattress Mick's is the place to shop for a super king size bed.

Verona Bed Base Available at Mattress Mick

Verona Bed Base

Kensington Divan Bed

Kensington Divan Bed

Vancouver Mink Bedstead

Vancouver Mink Bedstead

Crystal Divan - A Semi Orthopaedic Sprung Mattress

Crystal Divan Bed

Hilton 2000 Divan Bed

Hilton 2000 Divan Bed

€37900 €44900
Miami Divan Orthopaedic Mattress and bed

Miami Divan Bed

Pocket Plus Memory Divan - Pocket sprung memory foam hybrid

Pocket Plus Memory Divan Bed

€54900 €56900
Reflect Visco Divan Bed - Orthopaedic Mattress With Memory Foam -Mattress Mick

Reflect Visco Divan Bed

Perfection Divan Orthopaedic Mattress and Divan Base

The Perfection Divan Bed

Luxury Bed Base at Mattress Mick's

Luxury Base

Silver Bed Base

Silver Base

Classic Bed Base

Classic Bed Base

Balmain TV Beds Available In Three Sizes - Mattress Mick

Balmain TV Bed

Chandler wooden storage bed

Chandler Wood Bed

Dakar PU Bedstead - Black Leather Bed - Mattress Mick

Dakar PU Bedstead

white faux leather bed

Denver Faux Leather Bed

€52900 €55900
Epsilon In Mink - Mattress Mick

Epsilon Mink Bed

Faux Leather Bed

Orlando Faux Leather Bed

black faux leather bed

Rochester Faux Leather Bed

Rockford Fabric Bed - Mattress Mick

Rockford Fabric Bed



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