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Jersey Blanket Box


Introducing GIE's Jersey dark-grey blanket box—a stylish storage solution that's more than just practical; it's a true statement of luxury and contemporary design. Enveloped in sumptuous luxury fabric, it's a tactile experience inviting you to indulge in comfort and style. Exceptional inner storage and a gas-lift feature add convenience and innovation to its functionality. Adorned with a stunning diamond pattern and intricate button-back detail, it enhances the aesthetics of your room. GIE's Jersey dark-grey blanket box isn't just storage; it's an invitation to elevate your space with a touch of luxury and modernity, adding sophistication and character to your living area.

    • Luxurious dark-grey fabric material.
    • Exceptional inner storage capacity.
    • Convenient gas-lift feature.
    • Stunning diamond pattern design.
    • Intricate button-back detailing.

    Dimensions: 100 x 40 x 40 cm

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