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Teri Tripple Sleeper


Introducing the Teri Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed – the perfect blend of space-saving design and contemporary style. Available in two chic colors, Black and Silver, this versatile bunk bed is ideal for shared bedrooms or accommodating guests.

Crafted from durable metal, the Teri Triple Sleeper ensures stability and longevity, providing a cozy sleeping space for up to three individuals. Its unique triple-tiered layout maximizes floor space without compromising on comfort.

Featuring built-in guardrails and a secure ladder, safety is paramount with the Teri Triple Sleeper, giving you peace of mind while your loved ones rest soundly. Plus, the sleek finish adds a modern touch to any bedroom decor.

Elevate your living space with the Teri Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed – where functionality meets style for a comfortable and stylish sleeping solution. Choose yours today and make the most of your space!

Dimensions: 201 x 145 x 154cm

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