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Vienna Dressing Table


Introducing the opulent Vienna luxury dressing table set – a testament to sophistication and beauty. This fully assembled ensemble comprises a dressing table, matching mirror, and a plush fabric-seated stool. The dressing table's enchanting design boasts gracefully curved edges and intricate wood-lined details, elevating its visual appeal. Offering six spacious drawers, including a hidden middle drawer, it combines ample storage with a sleek, streamlined aesthetic. This dressing table set isn't just furniture; it's an emblem of timeless elegance, making it the crowning jewel of any bedroom or dressing area. Experience the regal allure and functional charm of the Vienna dressing table set, where refinement meets practicality in style.

  • Fully assembled with mirror
  • Curved edges, intricate wood detailing
  • Six spacious drawers, hidden compartment
  • Timeless elegance, regal centerpiece

Dimensions: 150 x 82 x 44

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