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Pillow Buying Guide | Sleep Tips From The Experts

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Pillow Buying Guide

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The average person spends one third of their lives in bed. While the remaining two thirds of the life is determined by how well we sleep. Thus, it is important to have a comfortable bed and a quality pillow to go with it. The right kind of pillow will provide support for your neck and head, allowing you to sleep nicely through the night.
Pillows can quickly lose their fluffiness and deflate. As a result of which, your neck is no longer aligned with your spine, which can lead to many problems. Wear and tear within the pillow over a certain period of time result in stiff muscles, nerve pain, tendonitis, herniated discs, and many more issues.
Here are some tips that can help you buy the right kind of pillow, to ensure you wake up refreshingly every morning.

1. Know the Pillow Material

The most common type of pillow fills are down feathers, synthetic fibers, and memory foam. Down feather pillows tend to be long lasting and are a good bet in terms of comfort offering. Such type of pillows are less expensive. The one that comes with synthetic fill tends to be cheaper as compared to down feather pillows. Being said that, these also provide enough softness and supportive resistance. Whereas, the pillows made from memory foam are firmer and thicker in size. They are also known for their ability to retain heat. Thus, if you are a person who sweats a lot, memory foam pillows might not be a good option.

2. Sleeping Position

Another factor that needs to be considered when buying a pillow, is the position that you sleep during the night. Your sleep position in the bed can also determine the type of pillow your need. For instance, if you are someone who likes sleeping on your back, having a fluffier pillow is the right choice. Such a pillow helps in lifting your chin and head, thus allowing you to breathe properly. For side sleepers, the thicker pillow is the one to go for. And stomach sleepers need thinner kind of pillows.

3. Test Before You Buy

Buying a pillow is a great deal because you are going to spend one-third of your time on it. Thus, it is always advisable to test the product before you commit to it. Try and sleep on the pillow that you are going to buy for at least 5 minutes, and see if your neck is tipping either forward or backward. If you feel any kind of discomfort, look for a better option.

4. Know When to Replace

Like anything, even pillows don't last forever. Everything has an expiry date and pillows are no different. Always keep an eye on it, for any kind of sagging and lumps. Pillows that cannot hold their shape any longer need to be replaced immediately, or you are going to have a cranky neck for sure. Thus, recognise when it is time to replace your pillow and buy a new one, using our guide.
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