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Which Mattress Is The Best?

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which mattress is the best

Getting a good nights sleep is just like needing a good diet. It will impact both your mental, physical health, and emotional well-being. However, many people do not get a good nights sleep. This results in waking up restless, difficulty concentrating, feeling irritated, lowered immune system, increased stress and feeling tired during the day. Some people suffer physically with a stiff neck, back pain, and night sweats because of a poor mattress. The answer is simple, get a new mattress. One that will give you the love your deserve.


You May Need To Get A New Mattress If… 

Even though your mattress may still be comfortable, it could have lost its ability to support your body. The life span of each mattress is subjective depending on how old it is, the weight of the user, and how often it is used. In general, a mattress should be replaced every five to eight years.


Is it time to get yourself a new mattress ?

Here is what you need to consider;

  • Is your mattress five to eight years old?
  • Do you wake up with back pain or a stiff neck?
  • Did you have a better nights sleep elsewhere (such as a hotel or friend’s guest room)?
  • Does your mattress sag where you lie, or sag at the edges so you feel you might fall off?
  • Does your mattress make a lot of noise?
  • Do you and your partner lie comfortably alongside each other?
  • Is the mattress surface uncomfortable to touch?
  • Are you embarrassed of your mattress?
  • Is the cover torn, soiled or stained?

If you answered yes to these questions, it is important that you need a new mattress.


Did you know: 

Findings from an Oklahoma State University study show that a new mattress provides sleepers with significant improvements that include:

  • 70.8% in sleep comfort
  • 62.0% in sleep quality
  • 55.3% in back pain
  • 50.7% in spine stiffness

*As compared to sleeping on a mattress 5 years old or older.


When you are choosing a new mattress you should consider:

Choose a mattress that provides the right comfort and support for you. But you should also consider what sleep position you prefer, whether you prefer a cooler or warmer sleep, do you have any injuries that affect you sleep and if you prefer a firmer or softer feeling mattress. Also consider your partner when selecting a new mattress as they may have different sleeping requirements to you.


So what makes a good mattress?

Modern mattresses are made from a large number of materials and technologies which can be quite confusing when you are shopping for one. Here is what you should consider:


1). Support. A good mattress will provide support to all the main points of your spin and body. You should pay special attention to your shoulders, hips, and lower back. These are the heaviest parts of your body.

Mattress foundations:

  • Open Coil: One of the most common foundations in mattresses is the open coil spring providing you with an affordable yet durable mattress foundation.
  • Pocket Springs: Adapts to the contours of your body providing support and minimal partner disturbance with minimum roll together
  • Dual Coil: Provides double the support, unique inner coil responds to variable pressure providing a second tier of back support.
  • Foam: Has no spring pressure to give you essential deep down support and no partner disturbance.


2). Comfort. A good quality mattress should provide you with a high level of comfort. Luxurious layers of fabric bring an optimal level of comfort.

Mattress comfort layers:

  • Memory Foam (Visco Elastic Foam): Memory foam responds to body heat and weight by molding to the contours of your body, providing support & eliminating pressure build up.
  • Latex: a natural product that is hypoallergenic and conforms to your body's curves, allowing the weight to be evenly distributed.
  • Gel: Provides an immediate and instant pressure relief that does not retain body heat allowing a cooler sleep.
  • Foam/Polyester: Provides padding between the mattress and its foundations providing extra comfort
  • Cotton, Wool, Silk, Cashmere and other natural fillings: these all natural fillings are hypoallergenic, strong, soft and provide unparalleled thermal regulation and good moisture management


3). Durability: It is all to do with the quality of the materials and the production process that determines the quality of a mattress.

Mattress bases:

  • Platform Base: bases often match mattresses and increase the firmness of a mattress.  
  • Sprung Base: With a spring system built into the base acting like shock absorbers for a car, a sprung base provides essential support for the mattress and ensures luxurious comfort.
  • Adjustable Bases: Electrically adjustable beds enable sleepers to adjust the head and foot of the bed to the most comfortable position.

Whatever type of mattress you buy, just make sure that it feels right.


Consider The Size

  • Most people move 40 - 60 times a night and to have a good sleep it is important that you can move around uninterrupted by the mattress. Make sure you have plenty room to move around comfortably. Buying a mattress that is too small is one of the biggest complaints.

Double mattresses

A double bed is 4ft6 wide, which is just 17.5 inches wider than a single size. This means that each partner only has 26.5 inches of personal space. Both single and double mattresses are 6ft3 in length which may be too short for some men.

King mattresses

A king size mattress is approximately 5ft wide by 6ft6 inches long – 6 inches wider and 3 inches longer than a double mattress. This extra space can provide a lot more comfort.

Super King mattresses

These mattresses are 6ft wide by 6ft6 long. They are 1ft wider than a King. This gives each sleeper the amount of space they would have on a single mattress.

Finding the Mattress of your Dreams:

It is very important that you have an educated salesperson guide towards choosing the right mattress. Make sure to shop for the best quality mattress and not just the lowest price. This will ensure that you get the best nights sleep and the longest lifespan from the mattress. Spend at least 5 minutes lying on the mattress as it can take that long for the mattress to properly mold to the contours of your body. When you are buying the mattress, you should try and buy the matching base as this is often designed to best support the mattress. You should never put a new mattress on an old divan base.

For the second part of this guide please continue on to the Mattress Buying Guide

Come and visit us at your local Mattress Mick Store or shop online to find the perfect mattress for you.




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